New beers of the week: 3rd March

New Beers 3rd March
Posted 3rd March 2020 by Chris (Issue: 171)
Beavertown vs Salt Beer Factory: Mercury Session IPA (330ml)
Augment Range DIPA
Beavertown vs Glass House: Venus IPL (330ml)
Brewed in collaboration with Glasshouse for our 8th birthday we wanted to make a juicy IPL. Using German hops as a nod to traditional lagers and the addition of more modern tropical hops in the dry hop has given us a drinkable ‘crispy boy’ with a more hop forward IPA character. Still true to itself as a lager, but bolder like an IPA. Fermented cold and lagered for 6-8 weeks the beer was dry hopped with 7g/L Callista, Loral, El Dorado, Azzaca and Idaho Gem – its light, fruity and drinkable. Light and drinkable with a delicate and fruity hop character. Notes of melon and pineapple add an upfront juicy aroma whilst the use of traditional hops and lagering techniques give the beer a mellow lager backbone.

Beavertown vs Hinterland: Earth Brut IPA (330ml)
Brut IPA, brewed in collaboration with Harbour, Hinterland.

Beavertown vs Brew York: Mars Sour IPA (330ml)
Sour IPA, brewed in collaboration with Brew York.
Beavertown vs Wild Card: Jupiter NEDIPA (330ml)
Double New England IPA, brewed in collaboration with Wild Card Brewery. Overripe stone fruit and coconut with a gentle hint of bitterness make way for big berry finish, imagine tasting the love child of Vimto and Ribena.
Beavertown vs Queer Brew Project: Saturn Black IPA (330ml)
Black IPA, brewed in collaboration with The Queer Brewing Project. Aroma – Classic chocolate and coffee roast malt character is lifted by the resinous aromatics of fresh spruce. Taste – Liquorice, brown sugar and pine.
Beavertown vs Black Iris: Uranus Jam Doughnut IPA (330ml)
Jam Doughnut IPA, brewed in collaboration with Black Iris Brewery. Aroma – Heaps of jammy strawberry and raspberry, alongside a subtle undertone of fresh vanilla. Taste – Sweet vanilla leading to fresh raspberry tartness, backed up a doughy body from the addition of wheat and oats.
Beavertown vs Saint Mars of the Desert: Neptune IPA (330ml)
No Coast IPA, brewed in collaboration St Mars of the Desert. Aroma -Upfront resin and pine hops are followed subtler earthy tones of bell pepper, and citrus grapefruit notes. Taste – Gentle malt sweetness followed by a pronounced bitter finish.
Wylam: Imperial Macchiato Double Hazelnut Praline Coffee Porter (440ml)
Double Hazelnut Praline Coffee Porter… This remodelled special edition would leave Bernard Quatermass dumbstruck and unarticulated! DOUBLE the hazelnut, DOUBLE the coffee with an extra edition of cacao and caramalts to deliver an opulent, deluxe, sumptuous, hedonistic, rich and costly consumable colossus.
Wylam vs Yeastie Boys: WxY5 IPA (440ml)
Our 5th incantation of the OG UK juice bomb which is WxY. A high roller IPA plumped up with wheat and creamed rolled oats delivering a soft bouncy hedonistic mouthfeel. A simple yet solid heavy dry hop with Nelson Sauvin leading the charge back up with a loyal dose of super fresh Galaxy. High notes of gooseberry, white grape and grapefruit, low notes of peach, passion fruit and citrus zest.
Wylam vs De Molen: A Never Ending Series of Question Marks IPA (440ml)
Brewed as part of our 20:20 VISION celebrations with the brewing lords of the Low Countries DE MOLEN. Brewed on a base of low colour Maris Otter with a fluffy addition of soft wheat and decedent imperial malt. A liberal double dry hop with fresh CITRA and GALAXY sing sweetly together in green harmony revealing high notes of pink grapefruit and lime followed by low notes of ripe mango and crushed pineapple.
De Moersleutel: Bounty Hunter Imperial Stout with Coconut & Coffee (440ml)
Imperial stout with coffee and coconut.
De Moersleutel: Smeerolie Imperial Stout (440ml)
Smeerolie is a American Imperial Stout style beer brewed by Brouwerij De Moersleutel in Heiloo, Netherlands.
Siren vs J Wakefield: Dark & Perilous Nights Dark Ale (375ml)
An extraordinary collaboration with Florida’s J. Wakefield. Expect rich aromas of dark sugar and toffee, with a comforting chocolate fudge flavour profile, warming spirit complexity and a slick mouthfeel.
Magic Rock: Bearded Lady Dessert 2020 Edition Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout (330ml)
Decadently drinkable and dark, this Bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout, infused with Venezuelan Rio Caribe cacao nibs, Madagascan vanilla and Sri Lankan Cinnamon, is full of intense nutty aromas, chocolatey richness and a hint of spice. Full-bodied and full of flavour, expect sweet caramel flavours on the nose followed by a lingering bittersweet taste on the tongue.

Yonder: Raspberry Gose (440ml)
This fruity take on a German gose-style beer features tart and fragrant raspberries, on a base of barley and wheat.

Whiplash: Eventually DIPA (440ml)
DIPA w/ Citra & Ekuanot.
Whiplash: Fatal Deviation Imperial Stout (440ml)
No Cocoa Nibs.
No Vanilla Pods.
No Coffee.
No Pumpkin Spice Mix.
No Waffles.
No Biscuits.
No Fried Chicken.
Straight up dirty stout.
Wild Beer Co vs Cascade Overture Barrel Aged Damson & Plum Sour (750ml)
Collaboration with Cascade. Sour saison aged in bourbon barrels, finished on Somerset plums and damsons.

Wild Beer: Wild & Free Berry Soda – Raspberry & Blackberry (330ml)
A unique blend of real raspberry and blackberry juices, Westcombe spring water, a little naturally fermented beer and a beautifully balancing drop of wild fermented beer vinegar and a pinch of hops.
Wild Beer: Wild & Free Citrus Soda – Yuzu, Kalamansi, & Pineapple (330ml)
A sophisticated blend of Yuzu, Kalamansi, and Pineapple with Westcombe spring water. We have added a small amount of our wild- fermented beer to build in some acidity. To balance, we have added a pinch of Saaz and Mosiac hops to bring a layer of complexity. The result is a very drinkable adult soft drink with a depth of flavour and a crisp refreshing edge.

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