Blog 001: Happy Birthday Hop Shop!

Today marks the day Hop Shop Aberdeen hits 1 year old – it’s been a busy year of great beer!



I would just like to take the opportunity to say a massive thanks to all of you – our loyal, passionate and bloody thirsty customers. The website was always intended to be a side project for craft beer at Westhill Service Station, but it’s grown monumentally higher than any of us first expected, to the extent that running the online arm of the company has now become my main focus. To see the online store which was built all on my own with no outside help, receive ever-growing recognition is at times a little surreal. As the owners of Westhill Service Station retired this summer after 50 years of grafting, they left feeling very proud of what big things such a small team have achieved with regards to innovation over the years.

In all honesty, since the site went live a year ago (to the day), we’ve actually done very little to push our reach as far as it could go. We instead just let it grow organically to see what kind of online audience we have. Most of our shipping orders are now going to England, and we’ve even shipped beer oversea’s – making us international! Well over 1000 separate online orders have been completed (yes, that’s a hell of a lot of bubble wrap!). And over a whopping 10,000 beers have been bought online alone. I can confirm, that is insane.

What a great year it’s been. Thanks again to every single Hop Shop customer. Here’s to another crazy year!

Chris 🙂

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