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Hop Shop Craft Calendar’s 2018: SOLD OUT!!



I would just like to take the opportunity to say a massive thanks to all of you that pre-ordered a Hop Shop Craft Calendar last week. You lot never fail to surprise me just how committed you are when I put things to pre-order. After at least two year’s of customer requests do a beer advent calendar, we finally listened and made it happen. We have ended up making 48 calendars this year, with 24 beers for 24 days. It was initially going to just be 24 calendars, but due to higher demand than anticipated, we doubled up to 48. It has been a real eye-opener for several reasons. First, who knew an empty cardboard box could cost £6.50 each!? I think the biggest thing I learnt from this project was how tough it is to make the calendars affordable, but at the same time, pack them with as much dynamite as possible. When you have an initial budget of less than £2 per beer to meet a desired target, things get a bit ‘supermarket’. With the help of some of our brewery pals and distributor pals, we feel we’ve been able to provide a wide and exciting mix of beer that reflects the kind of selection you’d find on our shelves. Perhaps we have screwed ourselves for next year by going above and beyond to make the 48 boxes this year truly special. In all honesty, the way it’s worked out, we’re not making much on these this year, but we’re cool with that. It’s nice to say thanks in this way to our awesome, local beer lovers that give continuous support.

For those with calendars…I recommend that on each morning of December, you reveal the beer for that day and store it in your fridge until later enjoyment. Keep an eye on your emails for coupons and stuff 🙂

Roll on the festive season!

Chris 🙂

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