Blog 004: Best of November


Northern Monk vs Lervig: Dark City 2018 Devil’s Delight | 9% Imperial Stout


This is one of the best beers of 2018 for me. A truly magical stout with plenty going on. The premise is Créme du Cacao, which means we’re talking Butterscotch and a personal favourite ingredient, Vanilla. On both accounts, this beer delivers and surpasses my expectations. I suppose when you learn that it was brewed with two hops and eight varieties of malt, you know it’s going to have depth. Creamy silky-smooth mouthfeel, loads of dark chocolate, slight smokiness from the roasted malt, cocoa power and a touch of fudge. Perfect abv to hit the spot but not distract from all the crazy flavours. Full bodied and great carbonation. A serious champion beer for 2018. Already can’t wait to see what Northern Monk rustle up for Dark City 2019!

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