Beavertown: Tempus Project – A Small Stretch Of Land (375ml)


Wine BA Golden Ale w/British Grapes.
The second of our Terrior Project hybrid beers. It was brewed with Pinot Noir grape skins from Forty Hall Vineyard (Enfield) and Bacchus grape juice from Chapel Down (Kent). Combined in the IBC, native yeast from the previous year’s brew commenced fermentation for a week, before juice was transferred of the skins and blended with a barley and wheat wort. Then hopped with Glacier Leaf hops from 2013.
The blend was co-fermented for 2 months in stainless steel and put into the same Pinot Noir barrels we have used for 2018’s Terroir Project for a further 8 months before finally returning to stainless July 2019 to condition.

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