Northern Monk vs INSA: Patrons Project 17.05 – Neale’s Sour Grapes (440ml)


The base beer is fairly true to the gose style, dominated by malted and flaked wheat alongside German pilsner malt and torrified oats which all come together for a full, round mouthfeel. The wort was soured in the kettle for 48 hours before being boiled up with a touch of sweetening lactose and a pinch of sea salt, a signature addition of the style. The salinity helps add great depth and roundness to the beer. Mid-fermentation, we introduced the fruit at a rate of 140g/l. In total, 8 drums of fruit puree were sacrificed in the name of flavour, led by blueberry and blackberry, backed up with sweet and sour cherry and finished with the dark grape juice. The colour is radiant and the beer is packed full with all the berry fruit flavour you could wish for! This beer is a tribute to INSA’s assistant, Neale. He’s been through some difficult times, and they always joke that the best way to deal with the bitterness is to ‘sup’ a good ol’ sour’. This one’s for you, Neale.

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