Northern Monk vs LHG vs Lucy Ketchin: Patrons Project 15.04 – Take Care of Business Sour IPA (440ml)


A multi-talented bunch, it was their fruited sours that had been really grabbing our attention recently, so it was an easy decision to get Lucy involved once more and continue our collaborations on a sour theme. We already had the idea of combining cherry and almond before the similarities to the classic iced cake from Bakewell jumped out at us.

The base beer features a high percentage of wheat as is common in the Berliner Weisse inspired styles, backed up with a portion of flaked oats and some milk sugar to balance out the sourness, achieved by an overnight kettle sour down to a pH of 3.4. We went with a mix of sweet and sour cherry puree, added to fermentation at a rate of 100g/l, dry hopped with Azacca hops and then added almond and vanilla at the conditioning stage until we were happy with the balance. The results are a lightly sour but soft sticky IPA which resembles a Bakewell tart in liquid form.

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