Reids Gold: Grape & Grain Lager (330ml)


This Craft Lager has been brewed with the team at Grape & Grain, Thistle Street, Aberdeen. This very high profile and multi award winning venue will only stock the finest of products and strongly support using local Scottish producers as much as they can so we were honoured to be commissioned by owner Jeanette Forbes OBE, to do this one for her. This Lager has been created with the highest quality ingredients, with the strictest precision and traditional lager making processes too ensure it can become a flagship product that we can all be proud of. This lager is crisp and light, it has been flavoured with Mandarina Bavaria and Cascade hops, giving it a fresh Mandarin, Citrus flavour with a light floral aroma and subtle Lychee aftertaste. This lager takes time and care to make it correctly and as they say, the best things really do come to those who wait.

This beer works well with light snacks, platters and finger foods and is also a great beer just to be enjoyed on its own.

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