Hop Shop Aberdeen is proudly brought to you by Westhill Service Station, a family-run retailer serving the Aberdeenshire community and beyond since 1968!

Westhill Service Station actively supports local businesses and enjoys stocking local produce. With nearby breweries such as Brew Toon & Fierce selling so well in the shop, the owners wanted to expand their selection and start bringing in craft beer from across the globe.

It soon got to the point where just a few shelves of craft wasn’t enough to meet the demands of our local beer lovers, which led to a major store makeover to house hundreds of different craft beers, as well as a large selection of PerfectDraft Kegs!

Although Westhill Service Station mainly serves the local Aberdeenshire community, we’re always so pleasantly surprised at how many customers commute from great distances to fill their baskets on a Friday night! It’s because of this growing interest from near and far customers that’s led to the opening of this online bottle shop!

We always aim to have the latest and greatest from the craft beer scene as well as support our local breweries!