Black Isle X Ecosia: Treehouse Pale Ale (440ml)


Treehouse Pale Ale is brewed in collaboration with Ecosia, the search engine that has planted over 170 million trees worldwide. It pours a hazy golden colour and has a bright and zesty aroma with floral notes and a pronounced hop character. The aroma is complemented by a crisp, refreshing citrus and pine flavour that is well-balanced.

Treehouse has a light body and a dry finish with an ABV of 4.5%, making it an easy-drinker for those who prefer a mid-strength beer that is bursting with flavour.

By choosing Treehouse Pale Ale, you’re not only enjoying a delicious beer but also supporting a great cause. Half of the profits from sales of Treehouse will be donated to Ecosia’s community-led biodiversity projects worldwide. Read more here.

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