Deya: I’ll Check the Links Grisette (440ml)


A light refreshing Grisette…
For this beer we took a different approach to usual to our typical juicy pale ales. Utilising a different yeast strain we created a slightly bitter yet extremely drinkable farmhouse ale. Weighing in at 4.2% this Grisette has aromas of foam banana sweet from the yeast and tropical fruit flavours from the US dry hop of HBC 586 and Citra BBC. Combined they make a heady mix of fruity aromas with a strong yeast character with a clean dry finish.

A Grisette is a lower strength saison with a lighter body and enhanced bitterness. Originating from the mining regions along the border of France and Belgium. It is a close relative of other farmhouse ales of the region including saisons. Using this concept we used LALBREW FARMHOUSE™ Hybrid saison yeast to give us the saison character we wanted without the unpredictability and potential cross contamination issues associated with farmhouse style yeasts

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