Deya: Tiny Shorts Pale Ale (500ml)


DEYA Brewing Sam and Simon from the Epicurean bottle shops based in Manchester are joining forces to run the epic London Marathon in aid of The Outward Bound Trust.

In today’s increasingly complex and turbulent world, young people across the UK are experiencing huge and unprecedented challenges. The pandemic and cost of living crisis have taken a dangerous toll.

40% feel a sense of helplessness and loss of control.

2.7 million young people aged 14-24 live in poverty.

Young people are in front of screens for an average of seven hours a day, spending less than an hour outdoors. This is less than our prison population.

The Outward Bound trust helps teach the next generation to respond positively to challenges, take personal responsibility, evaluate risk and work effectively with others. Our work changes lives.

If you can please donate towards this amazing charity.

Click the link below if you can help!

Just giving page link

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