Dookit: Dookers Glesga Pilsner Lager (330ml)


Dookers is Dookit Brewing’s latest seasonal special and reflects the so-called Summery season we’re in. The dark blue label mirrors the wavering skies above and the artist Lucy Watkins has captured the occasional sunshine bursting through. Here’s hoping for a few more sunny spells so that we can don our dookers and go for a quick dip in the sea!

Since moving to Glasgow and brewing many a light beer with the fine water supply from Loch Katrine, I have always had my eye on brewing a lager. The mineral make-up and softness of our water is remarkably close to that of the city of Plzeň. We’re talking only several points per million difference when it comes to its salt compound contents and low across the board, making it very clean. And it’s super soft; a perfect blank canvas for a pristine pale lager with bright bitterness.

As you can already tell I am a huge fan of this water! It’s one of the many reasons me and my partner moved to this beautiful city. And I’m a big fan of Czech Pilsners. But I’m an even bigger fan of German Pils. The robust, prominent bitterness and little to no diacetyl you find in the Germanic variation I find more refreshing. That is why I went for a classic and neutral lager yeast from Weihenstephan, fermented cold and made sure the beer underwent a protracted diacetyl rest.

But you know me. I always want to experiment and try to use ingredients closer to home. Which is why I opted for organic First Gold hops, England’s first hedgerow hop. Noble it is not, but it boasts of similar spiciness and an earthy character the most established Tettnanger crop would applaud. The malt base for the beer is from even closer to home. Crafty Maltsters in Fife grow an exceptional heritage variety of barley called Scotch Annat. It’s fresh bread and haylike aromatics form a complexity unfound in pale base malts I have brewed with previously. It also produces a crispness perfect for the Pilsner lager style.

Dookers was cold crashed and stored cold for seven weeks for a well rounded bitterness and long, rasping dry and delicate crisp finish. It pours a golden bright pale colour. The long wait and bottle conditioning allows for superb clarity. A tight foam and moderate carbonation makes for a pleasant drinking experience. It certainly is a pleasingly complex and bitter pilsner with a long lasting, crisp and refreshing finish. Aromas of the freshest breads, magnolia, honey and marmalade come through with hints of pear and raspberry. These flavours can be found on the palate but share the space with a resounding and sharp, grassy bitterness. It all makes for a refreshing end of Summer beer or Oktoberfest special. I can’t wait to hear what folk make of it!

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