Dugges vs Stillwater Artisanal: Hybrid Sour (330ml)


It started as a discussion between Stillwater Artisanal and ourselves. A discussion on wine, beer and development. A discussion on fruits, acidity and looking at things another way.

It continued through creating a method for refinement, a method for sourcing ingredients, choosing them and blending them. And, a method for aging them.

It finished as this bottle, its content and the experience it has given us and will give you upon enjoying it. A multifaceted labour of love that turned into this quaint little package. Parts coming together, almost indistinguishable from each other yet with the individual importance of a piece in a jigsaw puzzle.

So, what is this then? Well, this is Hybrid. A beer, wine and fruits blend. The result of bringing entities together to form unity. Puckering sourness, vinous and the sweetly fruity, fusing together through time spent resting on wood.

There’s something in there for the beer drinker who wants a discussion, for the wine drinker who wants to develop and definitely for those wanting to look at things in another way.

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