Mash Gang: Logik Kills Magik Non-Alcoholic Mango Bellini (330ml)


The can says let’s do brunch, the beverage says “your payin hun”.

Dry, Fruity, Crisp

– The title of the beer comes from a Rory Sutherland quote that Mike got stuck in my head almost two years ago. But we stuck beside this mantra. The illogical is possible. It’s most likely magical. What does it taste like? White wine orange and mango. Is it a beer? Sheesh live a little

  •  Hops: Nelson Sauvin
  • Adjuncts: Mango, Orange oil
  • Vibe: Fancy
  • Our beers are vegan and as such are free from all dairy and animal products and byproducts
  • Never over 0.5% abv
  • Naturally produced by usual craft beer brewing processes.
  • Independently owned and operated.

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