Moersleutel: Power Bar Blacksmith Pastry Stout (440ml)


If you could forge your own power bar, what would you add? We asked our Family and they replied: something sweet, something salty, something thick. So we took their wishes to our anvil and crafted this recipe. A robust 13% pastry stout, blending cashews, raisins, a touch of chocolate and dates, held together by the richness of sticky peanut butter.

Now, how to translate this to beer? We start with an intricate malt bill to create a full body that can carry this many fresh adjuncts. A Belgian yeast to boost a red fruit character, reminiscent of a stout-inspired quadruple. Then adding coffeebeans that hold tones of red fruits and kilos of fresh dates, cashews and peanuts. Finally, last in the process we added three different types of raisins to keep their flavor intact.

So here we have it. A fairly light colored stout, with many layers of flavors to discover.
This power bar surely will keep you going a little longer. Cheers!

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