North Brewing: Field Recordings: Green Tomodachi Matcha IPA (440ml)


A simple and pale malt base with oats and wheat, made to be smooth and low colour, just like the latte you may have found matcha in. Within the mash we added whole cone Saaz hops. Later in the brewing process, the thiols released from this method of hopping are going to be working with the yeast, singing bright and loud with all of their lemony, lemony and herby notes. Idaho 7, Citrus and Talus hops added during active and post fermentation calls back to the trodden IPA path we’re all familiar with but to further weave together the characteristics of Matcha, utilising the combinations tropical flavours, leaning towards citrus and creamy flavours, more lime, more coconut, some familiar tropical flavours. We added the matcha on the cold side to avoid extracting too much bitterness and more of its vibrant fruity flavours that work so well with the abundance of tropical fruit flavours found in a NEIPA. Before opening, give the can a stir and a gentle shake to resuspend the matcha, pour and enjoy a full hit of aromatics, intense green colour and potent flavour. The push and pull of each component vortexes inwards to create a beer like no other. It’s bitter but sweet. It’s fruity but savoury. It’s herbaceous but floral. A balance of contradiction to form harmony.

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