North Brewing: Paria 8.0 IPA (440ml)


We’ve teamed up with Paria CC for the 8th year, hosting almost 400 people for our annual cycling sportive, Paria Paperboy!
Cyclists from Yorkshire + afar take in the beautiful sights of West Yorkshire on a 60mi round trip from our brewery + back.
Each year we brew up a juiced-up IPA, guaranteed to quench the thirst of our riders.
This year’s edition is fresh, vibrant + fruity. We’ve gone big with the body, loading the grist with extra pale, chit and oats to create a sumptuously smooth mouthfeel. The combination of Motueka, Talus + Citra hops create a tropical triad of mouthwatering flavours; notes of pineapple, honeydew melon, zesty pink grapefruit, soft coconut, white peach, + finishing with a refreshingly light piney bitterness.

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