North Brew X Six° North: Belgian Wit + Scottish Heather + Blossom Honey + Citrus (440ml)


Our friends from Six° North are known for using the best ingredients from their local area, foraging from the Scottish landscape to create outstanding beers. When we planned out the recipe for this collaboration, they took to the foothills of the Cairngorms to gather the most aromatic Highland Heather for this Belgian Wit.

Taking inspiration from this classic style, we mixed in flaked oats and pilsner malt into the mash, to bring clarity and smoothness, with the yeast developing esters throughout fermentation. We sourced Scottish Honey, keeping to the province of the heather, complimenting the floral notes, and used Curacao orange peel to bring a pithy bitterness that balances this Wit perfectly. Light, refreshing, and luxurious

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