Northern Monk: Northern Monk x Tom J Newell PP 24.02 Fudge Sundaze (Reimagine Edition) Stout (440ml)


When we decided to reimagine Fudge Sundaze, one of Tom J Newell’s original Patrons Projects releases, we first decided to bring the booze down to a (slightly) more sensible 8.4%

But if we didn’t want that to be the only reimagining that went into this. We wanted to be less sensible when comes to the gooey, chocolatey, messy, sweet stuff that gives you a proper fudge sundae.

We’ve reloaded it with an even more decadent sundae combo – Chocolate Hazelnut Double Fudge Sundae.

Expect a thick and rich beer with huge flavours of dark chocolate, vanilla fudge, cacao, and a famous hazelnut chocolate spread. It’d be hella nuts to miss this.

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