Northern Monk x Other Half x Equilibrium Infinity Vortex Alcohol Free (440ml)


“Rebrew one of our best ever beers, but without the booze.”

That was the challenge we set ourselves. Our latest 10th anniversary beer is the return of Infinity Vortex, but at 0.5%.

The original, part of Tankpetrol’s Patrons Project series from 2021, is our highest ever rated NEIPA and our eighth-best rated beer of all time. We wanted to bring it back but do something different, something bold, something ambitious. Why should those who don’t drink miss out? We set our head brewer and co-founder Brian the challenge; rebrew one of our best but without the ABV.

Infinity Vortex AF is as a punchy and juicy as you’ll ever get in a non-alcohol beer. Made with Citra, El Dorado and Cashmere hops to make you smack your lips and wonder how the hell the team did it.

Just like the original, this version is made in collaboration with two of America’s best breweries’ Other Half and Equilibrium. “You want to try that? Let’s do it.”

Alcohol-free beers have come on so much in the last few years and we hope this release will be a new highlight for the scene.


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