Tempest: Bourbon Barrel Mexicake (330ml)


For the last 7 months, we’ve been barrel aging and bottle conditioning our incredibly well-loved Mexicake imperial stout. It’s something a lot of people asked about, and something that to us made a lot of sense. However, we’ve aged in not one but two different barrel types; Bourbon, and Brandy.
Bourbon Barrel bring exactly what you’d expect; a little bit of whiskey on the nose and warmth on the finish, and enhances some of the best flavours in Mexicake. On the nose, you get an intense vanilla aroma, the slight spiciness of bourbon highlights the Ceylon cinnamon, and a touch of toasted oak. On the palate, you get much of the same with a super smooth mouthfeel, and a bit of boozy warmth. Pay close attention, and you’ll also get a bit of char and smokiness from the barrel aided by the infusion of Mulato chillies famous for their leathery, tobacco smokiness.

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