Two Raccoons: Berry Christmas Wine (75cl)


This mulled wine crafted with 100% natural flavours at the very heart of Aberdeen city centre will warm you up in an instant!

The base of the Berry Christmas mulled wine was created by blending our blackcurrant and blackberry wine, with a top-secret unreleased batch of orange peel wine. To this base we added molasses, cloves, ceylon cinnamon, a bit of anise seeds, and a sprinkle of Cassia cinnamon.

Taste profile: Sweet, orangy, with a KICK of festive spices to make the warmth of the first sip linger in your throat.

To best enjoy the mulled wine, put it in the microwave or in a pot on the hub and warm it up to maximum 50°C (This will ensure the alcohol doesn’t evaporate).

No need to add any spices to the mulled wine, we took care of that for you.

Pro Tip: Put one to two slices of orange in the pot as you warm it up, pour it in your favourite cup, and sip it while you relax on your couch or hammock. You decide.

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